Watch Out! – Tactics Insurance Adjusters Use to Deny Claims

Overwhelmed. Confused. Terrified – Three words that describe how you feel after being in an auto accident. It’s something you always have in the back of your mind while driving, which is why you drive safe and keep your car maintained, but when it happens, it happens fast and can turn your world upside down. The Auto Accident App is an incredible tool that takes as much worry as possible out of this scary situation. From notifying loved ones to gathering evidence from the crash scene, this invaluable app can make a huge difference in how this situation is handled, but it’s also up to you to make wise decisions and know who is in your corner and who isn’t after an accident.

Depending on the severity of the crash, you may be looking at extensive medical treatment, a long recovery period and catastrophic damage to your car, but how are you going to pay for it? If you’ve been in an auto accident, you may have a personal injury lawsuit on your hands and if that’s the case, it’s important to be very careful how you handle insurance adjusters after a crash. They may seem as though they are looking out for you, asking questions and seeming genuinely concerned, but their real goal is to save the insurance company as much money as possible. It’s imperative that you be on guard while speaking to them and the only way to effectively handle their barrage of questions, is to be prepared.

Curiel & Runion, a personal injury law firm out of Phoenix, AZ, put together an incredible guide to the 10 Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Deny Claims – and the 10 worst offenders. It’s a must read for every driver on the road, so that you can be better prepared if and when an auto accident takes place. The Auto Accident App can do wonders, but it’s also up to you to read through the lines and prepare yourself for this frightening situation.

This article was written by Carli Leavitt. Carli handles outreach and public relations for the Phoenix personal injury law firm Curiel & Runion.

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Collision Rates Higher During Clear Weather

Total Accident Management just published and interesting study concluding that over half of the recorded accidents happened in clear weather and only 4% were reported in bad weather such as rain, snow and sleet.


They also found that people driving for business purposes have a 30-40% higher rate of getting into a collision than private drivers.


Here are some more statistics they found:
- 10% of accidents happened in parking lots
- 17% of accidents involved a driver hitting a parking car
- 15.2% of accidents involved a car getting rear ended
- 11% of accidents involved a car hitting an object or property


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What is as Dangerous as Drunk Driving?

A study conducted in France showed that driving while tired carries as much risk as driving while under the influence of alcohol.  It raises the question of how police officers can test for sleepy drivers and concludes that the only way to fight against sleepiness at the wheel is to educate the public.


CNN just reported a AAA study that polled 1,000 people and found:
- 33% of the people surveyed drove while under the influence of being drowsy in the last 30 days
- 60% of the people surveyed drove while under the influence of being drowsy in the last year
- 37% of the people surveyed admitted that they had actually fallen asleep behind the wheel.


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Most Dangerous Vehicles in America

24/7 Wall St just released the findings of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s research on the most unsafe cars in America.  IIHS based its ratings on four categories:


1. A frontal offset crash test in which the vehicle travels at 40 miles per hour and hits a barrier head-on.
2. A side-impact crash test in which a 3,300 lb. “SUV-like” object strikes the driver side at 31 mph.
3. Rollover ratings in which a metal plate hits the corner of a vehicle to determine how much force it can take before rolling over.
4. A rear-impact protection rating, which focuses on the ability of seats and seat belts to protect against whiplash.


Here are is a list of the seven most dangerous vehicles:

1. Dodge Ram 1500
2. Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab
3. Mazda CX-7
4. Mazda CX-9
5. Nissan Pathfinder
6. Jeep Wrangler
7. Suzuki SX4


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Improved Vehicle Design Saves Lives

Yesterday the NHTSA reported that better designed vehicles between the Model Year 2000 and 2008 have resulted in 2,000 fewer deaths and prevented about one million injuries.


Their statistics showed that these changes in design and safety increased the percentage of not being injured in an accident from 79% to 82%.

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Car Accidents and Fibromyalgia

As many as 20-25% of people with fibromyalgia report that they were involved in an accident prior to the symptoms arising. Physicians have not discovered the connection between the two, but suspect that one of the following could be a reason:
1. The accident causes trauma to the central nervous system which results in muscle pain.
2. The emotional trauma caused by the accident causes the painful symptoms of fibromyalgia.
3. Brain injuries can cause many problems that lead to fibromyalgia
If you experienced symptoms of fibromyalgia after a car accident, you may want to speak with a personal injury lawyer. Auto Accident App provides personal injury lawyers in your area with just one click. Download the FREE app today!

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Collision Warning Systems Prove To Be Beneficial

The New York Times just posted an article about Collision Warning Systems. About a year ago, eight car makers started studying accident-avoidance technologies that provide warnings signals while driving. The statistics showed that while these technologies became a leading factor in accident prevention, all participants agreed that they would not pay more than $250 for the program. How much would you pay if you knew you could avoid the inconvenience of an accident? Luckily, you can download Auto Accident App for free!

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Sleep Apnea Increases The Risk Of A Car Accident By 15 times

Sleep apnea is a disorder that plagues millions of Americans and unfortunately 90% of this population doesn’t know they have the disorder. Sleep apnea is caused when an individual’s airway is blocked for while the person is sleeping. If the airway is blocked for 10 seconds or longer and happens more than five times in one hour during sleep, an individual is considered to have sleep apnea. If you, or someone you know suffers from deep snoring at nighttime, you should get checked by a physician to rule out sleep apnea as it can have terrible consequences if left untreated.

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Suing Both Texting Parties For Crash

On September 21st, 2009, David and Linda Kubert were going for a ride on their motorcycle close to their New Jersey home when suddenly they were hit by a truck. The driver in the truck was a teenager that was texting while driving. Mr. Kubert’s leg was torn off and Mrs. Kubert’s leg bone was torn through her pants.


The Kubert’s are now not only suing the driver, they are suing the driver’s girlfriend who was texting him while he was driving. They feel that she is partially responsible for the accident as the records show that she sent 62 text messages up until the accident.


A New Jersey Judge will decide Friday if the Kubert’s have a case against Ms. Colonna.

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Returning Service Members Show Aggressive Driving Behaviors

A study just released from United Stated Automobile Association (USAA) shows that service members returning from deployment overseas have an increased rate of auto accidents.


- Within six months of their return home, they experienced an increase of 13% in at-fault accidents.
- For those who have had three or more deployments, this increase nearly tripled at 36%.
- Members of the US Army had the highest increase in accidents (23%) as opposed to the US Air Force who had the lowest increase in accidents (2%).


The explanation for this increase in at-fault accidents is that they are bringing war zone driving habits back home. Some of the bad driving habits reported were speeding, straddling lanes, making unpredictable stops and sudden movements.


Download Auto Accident App now on iTunes or Android so that you are always ready if you are faced with an aggressive driver, resulting in an accident.

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